What 22 Studies Say About the Best Way to Build Muscle

You want to know the best way to build muscle in the shortest time possible.

But, you’re confused by all the conflicting opinions about how to go about it.

One article says that you should do 6-12 reps per set, while another says that you’re far better off doing 4-6 reps per set.

What 22 Studies Say About the Best Way to Build Muscle
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Expert A says you should work different muscles on different days, while expert B says you should work your whole body three times a week.

You read a few articles and think you’ve got it all figured out. Then you read something that says the exact opposite.

There’s conflicting advice coming at you from here, there and everywhere, and you can’t figure out who, or what, to believe.

The good news is that scientists have put many popular ideas about muscle growth to the test, from how often to train each muscle to the amount of time you should rest between sets.

As it happens, some of the advice that’s been floating around for years has turned out to be right, while some of it has turned out to be completely wrong.

So, let’s dig in and take a closer look at what the science has to say on the subject of muscle and how to build it.

Some say that the best way to build muscle is to bomb your muscles into submission once a week with lots of exercises, sets and reps.

A typical routine might involve chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, shoulders on Wednesday, legs on Thursday and arms on Friday. While some people get decent results with this type of routine, there are better options available.

In fact, working a muscle more frequently has been shown in a number of studies to increase the rate of muscle growth. In one trial, subjects who trained a muscle three times a week built muscle more quickly than the ones training it once a week

When a team of scientists compared studies that investigated training muscle groups once, twice or three times a week, they concluded that “the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week” to maximize growth .

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