Tips To Be Free From Anxiety And Depression That Tend To Ratchet Up During The Holidays

Anxiety and depression tend to ratchet up during the holidays, so taking precautions to help minimize holiday-induced stress at this time can dramatically improve your emotional outlook and help those around you enjoy a more peaceful celebration of the event as well as providing an opportunity to deepen relationships. How do you have a stress-free holiday? Despite what you might think, it isn’t complicated when you make use of these 10 simple suggestions.

Go tech-free to talk.

Insist on a specified duration of time during which no tech devices are allowed in the room. This includes smartphones, laptops, e-Readers and tablets, even TVs should be darkened. What’s the purpose of turning off and disconnecting from social media, email, phone calls and such? The goal is to allow time for face-to-face conversations, interacting on a personal basis where you can read each other’s facial expressions and body language, intuit from tone of voice and word choice what’s being discussed. This is a valuable use of a real-time communication technique that’s fast disappearing in today’s tech-saturated society. Besides, without the incessant alerts of incoming texts, calls and emails, there’s more time to listen, share and enjoy moments with family, loved ones and friends this holiday.

Let go of old grudges and hurts.

If you’re still clinging to slights or transgressions you believe were committed against you in the past, now is an appropriate time to release grudges so that they no longer lay claim to your emotional clarity. Holding on to old grudges and hurts handicaps you from enjoying the present and being able to give of yourself to your loved ones and family.

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