The Hidden Super Powers Of People With Anxiety Disorders

The Hidden Super Powers Of People With Anxiety Disorders

Dealing with anxiety is something that isn’t talked about as often as it should. People are incredulous as to how people can be anxious about something as simple as popping out to the store to buy a birthday present for someone. But between leaving the house and getting back, there’s a world of questions and fear that someone with anxiety needs to conquer.

While suffering from anxiety has its obvious downsides, there is a silver lining – or rather five. Often, people who are constantly dealing with anxiety have a heightened sense of perception than those that don’t. That means they can see things that most people can’t.

Living With Anxiety

Here are five positive things that your anxiety does for you.

1. Sensing Other People’s Energy

People who are anxious often have a gut feeling about people that can determine whether they have a positive energy or a negative energy. If they find that they are comfortable with someone, it’s because they carry positive energy. On the other hand, if they get ‘bad vibes’ from someone, chances are they’re harboring some negative energy of some kind.

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