4 mistakes to avoid for a change

Only 4 Mistakes To Avoid For A Change To Stop Living With Anxiety

Are you living with anxiety and suffering panic attacks again and again?

Not able to get rid of the fearful life?

Getting rid of the panic crisis is difficult and easy both!

No doubt living with anxiety is absolutely distressing but all it demands is the right mindset.

Panic Disorder is indeed a very vicious problem of extreme anxiety, and it is necessary to understand it well in order to have a chance to get rid of it.

In this article, I want to share with you the 4 mistakes that you must absolutely avoid if you want to end the panic crisis.

I had been making these mistakes in interpreting panic attack symptoms for as long as I can remember.

I wish someone told me some clever anxiety hacks that nobody knew!

Mistake #1: Thinking that the anxiety attack represents some serious problem in your brain and body!


It’s wrong: Anxiety attack, Panic disorder, the Generalized anxiety disorder… all these are not mental illnesses nor they represent any disease.

It’s just stress, certainly at an excessively high level, but it’s still in the realm of stress. And even though stress can be a problem, it has never been synonymous with madness …

… or everyone on this planet would be crazy…

Often, whenever you have an anxiety attack, you begin to believe that you are going crazy or that you will lose control, for example. I myself have often thought that I’m losing my mind, and so I know how scary it can be while living with anxiety.

Over time, I became aware of how much the anxiety attack had absolutely nothing to do with madness. It was depersonalization and confusion that made me feel that way.

That was because I never did any insane thing. Not even during the panic attack! I often used to feel that I am going crazy and I would hurt others, or insult them or shout out loud on streets like a crazy man.

I never did that thing despite having intense panic attacks almost everywhere, streets, at home, or even at work.

I understood that the crisis of panic attacks was in no way synonymous with a loss of control … but it was contrary!

Indeed feeling a loss of control is a symptom of anxiety. In fact, we are more in control when we are going through a panic attack. It can make living with anxiety difficult but remember anxiety is harmless.

We try to control everything during panic attacks and our body listens to us! It obeys what we tell it. It empowers itself and begins fighting the arousal with arousal. It is just a blast of energy.

… and it is this energy that causes the majority of the symptoms.

Whatever your mind wants, you will have full control over yourself. Your body is just reacting to a false threat.

Whatever happens, you will stay in control because the body is trying to protect you from an imagined danger. But as you know anxiety is paradoxical in nature. The more you try to control it, the more you have symptoms that appear and give you the impression of the opposite.

I repeat it again because it is very important: a panic attack is the opposite, the exact opposite of the loss of control…

That is because nature has designed panic attacks to save us from dangers not to kill us!

… therefore get out of this mindset right now!

So if there is one thing you can be sure of is that you will not lose control, go crazy, or end up in the asylum because of an anxiety attack.

Mistake #2: Belief that if you cannot get out of panic, it’s because you’re a coward


Very often, people fed up living with anxiety and panic write to me and tell me that they have anxiety attacks and that they cannot dare to do anything. And so they admit of feeling cowardly. But living with anxiety has nothing to do with cowardliness.

They cannot get out of the anxiety attack or feel panicky, and they feel guilty because they think it’s because they’re not brave enough or they have a very low endurance or tolerance.

Again, it’s wrong, and again it’s the opposite.


Well, because anxiety disorders have nothing to do with the dare, tolerance of cowardliness.

When you suffer from anxiety or a crisis of panic attacks, you are constantly confronted with our greatest fears.

Whether these fears are justified or not, in terms of feeling, we believe them to be true and authentic.

For some, it’s going to be the fear of public speaking, the fear of driving, the fear of losing control, the fear of supermarkets … the fear of fear itself.

In fact, we are confronted by these fears every day!

If you think that those fears will fade away on their own, you are wrong.

…and even if it’s all irrational, you are a 100% sure that it is true. That is what living with anxiety and panic really is. It persuades you to believe what is not true.


Go tell the bravest guy in the world “Hey, you have cancer, and you are going to die within one year!” … and observer if he is scared or not!

Or take a praying mantis and ask people to hold it for a minute!

Again, most of the people will be scared by the name of cancer or a praying mantis, despite the fact that their unconscious mind knows that there is no proof of cancer and praying mantises are not harmful.

Fear arises because you are living with anxiety issue and your fear mechanism is wired that way. Even if fear is in your head, it takes a lot of courage to resist it, and still, live in spite of it.

Maybe you continue to live every day in spite of your fears, to work, study, rejuvenate or take care of your family …

You are living with anxiety and panic and you are struggling every day to overcome it, right?

You have to be brave to keep believing after all these difficult months, those very difficult years, for some, and after all these years of living with anxiety.

Your sibling or friend did not have such fear, and so they will never have to face all these fears … but you so.

And to live with so much fear is truly courageous.

So you are brave … and besides, that is good because you understand what courage really is.

You understand that because you know what kind of courage is needed for living with anxiety and face panic attacks.


It can also be much easier with the right strategies, the right tools, and a suitable accompaniment but it will come back later.

YOU have developed the courage to face panic attacks because you have them often. You are tolerating intense panic and you are living with anxiety every day. This is not the case with others.

For the moment, simply remember that you have courage because you have been living with anxiety for a long time.

And even if you do not feel like you’ve done great things, you’ve already faced some of your worst fears… and that’s not the case for everyone.

Mistake #3: Believing that panic attacks are Dangerous and Harmful


And again … it’s wrong! The anxiety attack is not dangerous…or harmful.

First of all, no one ever died of an anxiety attack. And that seems normal … why?

Well, if you’ve read the other blog posts, you have to start understanding it, and maybe you’ve accepted it, what’s the anxiety?

It’s just your body that is going ‘to the bottom’ because it wants to defend you.

It is possible that you are in a dangerous situation if you end up facing a lion for example, and this situation triggers your defense system. The same thing happens in case of your anxiety. Only the difference is that there is no real danger. Fear itself is the trigger of your panic.

All this is triggered by your defense system that is there to help you. This defense system is there, at the base, to save your life!

Unfortunately, the defense system, the fear mechanism does not know to make difference between real fears and imagined fears when you are living with anxiety. That is the reason everything becomes fearful in anxiety and panic attacks.

You did not know it, no one explained it to you, and so you probably believed like me that all these symptoms were dangerous … when in fact not at all!

You did not know it, no one explained it to you, and so you probably believed like me that all these symptoms were dangerous … when in fact not at all!

These symptoms are simply the consequence of firing of the fear mechanism.

You may have felt like I was in danger of death, being on the verge of having a heart attack, weakness in legs, or fainting …

… when in fact your body was just trying to save you from danger.

And the more you thought that these symptoms were dangerous, the more they increased and the more your body believed that the danger was even bigger than it thought … in short the vicious circle.

A panic attack is not dangerous. The silly thing about living with anxiety is that we are scared of something that is actually there to save us.

Mistake #4: Believing that time will come to solve all your problems


This last mistake is probably the worst since it is often the opposite that happens.

Indeed, without the right tools or the right understanding … the more time passes, the stronger the fear becomes.

The more time you pass living with anxiety disorder, the more you become the prisoner of your fear get and trapped in a vicious cycle of anxiety. It is very difficult to get out of this trap on your own.

And if we say that it will be better with time, then the risk is to sink even deeper into the turmoil of anxiety …

… and gradually fear will consume your brain and body!

That is a great risk and negligence in the age where psychological help for anxiety and panic is readily available.

So if you still have some hope, take action as soon as possible. Do not take the risk of letting the anxiety crisis continue to ruin every aspect of your life: your projects, your relationships, your health …

Do not make the mistake of thinking that it will disappear on its own with time: it’s FALSE.

Time will not change anything …has time really changed anything for you until now?

Can you really say that you are “free” from the anxiety crisis?

… or does it continue to rot your life?

Living with anxiety disorder will not increase your endurance or tolerance.

Get help from a qualified medical health professional immediately.