3 Easy Psychological Hacks to Stop Anxiety and Stress

Everyone says that they feel anxious these days. In fact, earlier today, a young girl that was in the supermarket maybe 6 or 7 years of age, was telling an adult woman, “Mommy I have anxiety!” How would a young child even know what anxiety is? This word seems so common. Just what is this thing that people seem to be collectively having and is it contagious? And why is it often paired with stress?

Anxiety is a worry or a concern. We all have it. What distinguishes it from normal and healthy to escalating into a actual problem, anxiety and panic is how we handle it. Many of us find healthy ways to deal with it when it strikes. Others find that it is overwhelming, unproductive and when paired with stress, crippling. Here are 3 easy psychological hacks to stop anxiety and stress.

1. Question your thoughts

Ask yourself, what are you afraid of and ask why are you afraid of that? This helps you understand where the anxiety is coming from and seeing the big picture of where it is going. Also learning to question your thoughts instead of blindly accepting them as reality reduces stress and reduces anxiety.

2. Turn your inner critic into your inner coach

Anxious people have the most creative imaginations. They see the world sometimes in a vast array of outcomes. Fact finding is important in these situations. What evidence do you have of the possibility of this outcome? What are you saying to yourself? How would your family or friend speak to you? That voice within is there 24/7. What things could you say to yourself to create more internal support? Your thoughts are your feelings. Kindness, gentleness and accuracy will produce a more relaxing response and favorable outcome.

3. Practice self-care

Finding zen is from within. Spending time everyday even if it’s as little as 10 minutes to meditate or just enjoying the silence. Relaxation can take work. Stretching, yoga, reading a book, getting a massage, or scheduling a mini weekend getaway are all ways you can reroute those pathways of the anxious mind. Additionally, changing the scenery can distract you from unnecessary worrying about what may or may not even happen.

When you’re in the throes of anxiety, relief may not seem like a possibility. These 3 easy tips with time and practice may lead you to some inner peace. Questioning your thoughts, turning your inner critic into your inner coach and practicing self-care will help you to reprogram how your mind responds to stress. Stopping anxious feelings is a process that may take repeated practice. Seeking out a local certified hypnotherapist, an NLP practitioner, a life coach or a psychotherapist may help you find optimal results.