12 Bodyweight Exercises For Bigger and Toned Butt Without Weights

Start in all fours position. Keep the spine and neck in neutral position. Keep hands below shoulders and knees below hips.

Lift one leg off the floor (keep it bent) and raise it as high as possible.

Lower it to starting position to complete the rep. Finish reps for one leg before switching legs.

You can wear ankle weights to make the exercise more challenging.


Side lying leg raises will help make your butt rounder because they eliminate saddlebags. This exercise targets the muscles on the outside of the upper quadriceps.

How to perform

Lie on one side with your head resting on the bottom hand and feet on top of each other.

Keep both feet straight and tighten the core. Lift the top leg about 45 degrees off the floor.

Lower it until it almost touches the bottom leg then lift it gain.

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